Germany, 1998

Mazel Tov in Las Vegas

TV talk show hostess Becky Bernstein, ex-pat in Berlin, has finally found Mr. Right 4ever: Benno! But where to say the yes-word? Gloria, Becky’s mom, refuses to set foot in Germany. A Jewish matriarch wouldn’t be worth her kreplach if she didn’t manage to convince the bride and groom to tie the knot on American ground. How about in Las Vegas, the world’s glitziest wedding capital? They agree, but unbeknownst to Becky and Benno, Gloria invites the whole mishpocheh to the bash — including Becky’s gorgeous ex-lover, Jack Gold, who’s only too happy to revive his and Becky’s passion for one another. Enter Benno’s father, a conservative, small town Protestant minister — and all pandemonium breaks loose. Clearly the odds are against Becky and Benno.

German translation:
Sigrid Ruschmeier
Piper Verlag, 1998
275 pages
Hardcover and paperback