Germany, 2008

Memoirs of an Ex-Cheerleader (working title)

Susie B. Scheinwald and her girlfriends, their heads full of pop songs, petticoats and boys, whirl us back to New York City and the year 1963. Wearing orthopedic shoes and setting her sights on the handsomest basketball player in school might discourage a lesser girl, but Susie's certain that becoming a cheerleader will win the boy's heart. Little does she know that she's pomponing her way toward one of the darkest moments in America's history. The author combines a brilliant eye for detail, a poet's heart, and a stand-up comedian's sense of timing to create a colorful portrait of teen life in the early 1960s. Along the way she tells a moving and startingly contemporary tale about a conflict-ridden father-daughter bond, true friendship, and first love.

12 and up
Rowohlt Verlag, 2008
301 pages