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2/28/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Lichtenberg
3/12/2019 Workshop Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/29/2019 Prince William, Maximilian Minsky & Me (deutsch) Berlin-Halensee
4/12/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
5/7/2019 Blätterrauschen (deutsch) Berlin-Lichtenrade
6/13/2019 Whispering Leaves (deutsch) Berlin-Zehlendorf
9/9/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Berlin-Schöneberg
9/27/2019 Stella Menzel und der goldene Faden Berlin-Halensee
9/30/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) English Theater Berlin
10/16/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) Marburg
10/19/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Frankfurt
11/7/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Hürth

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READINGS IN ENGLISH! November 11, 2017

Attention English teachers and librarians: I will gladly come to your school or library with my novel Infinitissimo – The Man Who Fell from Time (German: Everlasting – Der Mann, der aus der Zeit fiel). I read bilingually to grades 9 and upwards, and almost entirely in English to grades 11-13.


Infinitissimo, previously published in German translation by Rowohlt (Everlasting),  appeals to both male and female students, lending itself well as a classroom read for advanced learners of English – especially with regard to the English Abitur examinations. One of the exam’s focal points for the coming years in several federal states is “Science and Technology ­– Visions of the Future.” Infinitissimo‘s setting in present-day and future Germany sets it aside from every other English-language utopia and/or  dystopia – something which resonates, of course, with German  high school students from Aachen to Munich to  Zingst:


It’s the year 2264. Despite incredible technical advances, scientists of the 23rd century are at a loss to solve the problem of a decimated human population. The young student and historian Finn Nordstrom, a specialist for early 21st century popular culture, is asked to translate newly-discovered diaries written in extinct German between 2000-2015 by a teenage girl. Do these vintage diaries hold a secret that can revitalize humankind?

Coming Soon! Infinitissimo — The Man Who Fell Through Time August 12, 2017

Readers around the globe have read it: in German (Everlasting — Der Mann, der aus der Zeit fiel), in Spanish (Infinitissimo) and in Polish (Nieskończoność).
Now, finally, in its original English, comes the story of Finn Nordstrom, the man who fell through time … and landed beside his love.
Mid-September as eBook and Book on Demand. 
125 Years Ago in Berlin July 19, 2016

Exactly 125 years ago, in the fall and winter of the year 1891/1892, America’s favorite writer, the one and only Mark Twain, creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, lived for six months in the imperial city. Oliver, 13, Rosa, 13, and Iris, 12, the reading club protagonists from my novel Whispering Leaves, encounter  Twain in Book Two, Silence of Snow, when they’re catapulted by accident all the way back into the late 19th century. Maybe Twain can help the children get back home.  After all, he wrote one of the first time travel novels ever. But then the unforeseen occurs and the children’s passage home is blocked. Will they have to remain in the 19th century forever?
And the Winner Goes to ... July 17, 2015


Awards for BLÄTTERRAUSCHEN (“Whispering Leaves”)! How exciting!
Frog of the Month, awarded by Die STUBE, Vienna
Children’s and Young People’s Book List Summer 2015, awarded by
Saarland Radio, Radio Bremen and Middle German Radio
Book of the Month August 2015 (Teen Read) from the German Academy for Children’s and Young People’s Literature, Volkach
Book of the MonthWhispering LeavesFrog of the Month

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My First Copy! February 14, 2015


The first hardcover copy of “Blätterrauschen” (“Whispering Leaves”) landed on my desk today! The first edition will hit bookstores in Germany on February 27. The countdown has begun.


“Blätterrauschen”: a time travel-adventure story set in the world of today and tomorrow for all readers between 11 and 111. The science fiction/fantasy novel, written for both boys and girls in mind, is a puzzle with lots of questions and more than enough answers. At the end of the story the protagonists are able to figure out the central question: How do I get through life with what I've been given and with who I am in order to that I may design my own future?


“Blätterrauschen” – a book for everyone who likes to think, philosophize, speculate and read gripping adventure stories!


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