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3/2/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Mitte
4/8/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Malchow
4/8/2022 Infinitissimo (deutsch) Malchow
4/8/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Malchow
5/12/2022 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle (German) Gütersloh
5/12/2022 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle (German) Bielefeld
6/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Berlin-Friedenau
6/29/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Beckum
7/1/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Nideggen
7/1/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Nideggen
9/9/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Kreuzberg
10/17/2022 Infinitissimo Berlin-Lichtenberg
11/3/2022 Future Fairy Tales Online Lesung 3.-23.11. abrufbar
11/9/2022 Whispering Leaves Berlin-Marzahn
11/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales Ludwigslust
11/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales Ludwigslust
11/16/2022 Future Fairy Tales Rostock
11/18/2022 Future Fairy Tales Rostock
11/26/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Steglitz
11/30/2022 Wallflower (German) Berlin-Mitte
12/18/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Charlottenbeurg
3/6/2023 Diverse Zürich Kanton

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Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up in Home Office! November 2, 2022



Here’s a German-language virtual reading of  “The Sleeper and the Spellbreaker” – a “Sleeping Beauty” fractured tale from 2214 (!) from my book FUTURE FAIRY TALES. I was invited to tape the reading by Märchenland in celebration of Berlin’s Märchentage which took place this year from November 3 through November 20. Take a look and enjoy! Here's the video.

WALLFLOWER auf Italiano! September 9, 2022

So excited! Thirteen years after its first publication my all-age novella “Wallflower” has been translated into Italian. TROVARSI A BERLINO has hit the bookstores! Fantastico!


More about the book here:

Finally! Future Fairy Tales in Bookstores! March 12, 2022



I'm so excited: my new book, Once upon a Future – Tales from a Faraway World, is waiting for you in all good bookshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg! And the first reviews are in too. The bloggers are definitely in agreement: 

“The author has created a masterpiece with this book!”

“The anthology’s variety is exceptional.”

 “The book is definitely different. Good different.”
 “I’ve never seen or read the likes of this before.”
 “A beautifully illustrated and very special fairy tale compilation for the whole family. And a great gift too.”
 “I could have read on and on.”
 “The author’s understanding of today’s adolescent world is head-on.”
 “Fantastic idea!”
 “Ich liebe es!”
Coming Soon! November 26, 2021


Once Upon A Future – Tales from a Distant World (Rowohlt)


Conceived and created in the midst of lockdown, my new baby — uh, I mean book — arrives in March 2022 in German!



Stella Menzel Learns Chinese August 1, 2021




Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread (English working title) was published in China this summer. So thrilled that young Chinese readers will get to know Stella's Russian-German-American family and their lives in St. Petersburg, New York and Berlin. More about the book here.




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