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2/28/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Lichtenberg
3/12/2019 Workshop Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/29/2019 Prince William, Maximilian Minsky & Me (deutsch) Berlin-Halensee
4/12/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
5/7/2019 Blätterrauschen (deutsch) Berlin-Lichtenrade
6/13/2019 Whispering Leaves (deutsch) Berlin-Zehlendorf
9/9/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Berlin-Schöneberg
9/27/2019 Stella Menzel und der goldene Faden Berlin-Halensee
9/30/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) English Theater Berlin
10/16/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) Marburg
10/19/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Frankfurt
11/7/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Hürth

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Can't Wait! December 7, 2014

“Blätterrauschen,” will be published in German on February 27 — for readers 11 and up and for fans of “Everlasting.” The wonderful cover was designed by Joachim Knappe. You can lose yourself in it.


Something was wrong. It was too quiet. Outside, the leaves on the trees had ceased rustling. The busy chatter of voices in the bookshop beyond the door had died out. Even the clock on the wall had stopped ticking. Oliver had the sudden sensation that someone was standing right behind him, whispering in his ear. He twisted around. ...


It’s a stormy autumn afternoon. The “Whispering Leaves” reading club is interrupted by a knock at the bookshop’s back door. Oliver, Iris and Rosa open up ... and begin the adventure of a lifetime. The boy at the door, Colin, is from the future and it takes a while before he understands that he’s not in the middle of a virtual reality game, but has actually been sent back in time to the 21st century. But why? The four children are caught up in a dangerous time warp and soon realize that not only are their own lives at stake, but the future of the world too! 


Hello Stella! September 28, 2013

Sighted today in a neighborhood bookshop: my new book for readers 9 and up and the whole family. Awarded the Rahlens Merit Badge "4 Grown-ups 2." More here.

Stella in BookcaseMiss Braitwhistle, the Zombie and MeStella in Daylight

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Nieskończoność September 14, 2013



Look what I discovered this week online: the cover

for the Polish edition of "Infinitissimo", set to be released

by Egmont early November. The title is a mouthful — but it

means none other than "Everlasting.” ... I'm so much looking forward to the Polish readers. Fantastyczny!

Tip for Teachers August 21, 2013

School classes, grades 4-6, are cordially invited to the first big Berlin reading (in German) of my new novel, Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread. It will take place on Wednesday, October 16, at 10 a.m. in the beautiful Schloßpark Theater in Steglitz. Admission is absolutely free! But you must register. Teachers contact asap this address: 

More about the book here. Can't wait to see you!

Infinitely Infinitissimo April 28, 2013

Hot off the press in Mexico: Infinitissimo, brought to you by the folks from Planeta/Destino. Now, is that a great book for you or your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, uncle or Spanish teacher or for anyone you know and appreciate who reads Spanish, or what? Absolutely! I’m so excited about the Spanish-language publication of my novel, known in Germany as Everlasting — Der Mann, der aus der Zeit fiel. And just think: the book only costs $248 … uh … Mexican Pesos, of course, not dollars. Whew! (Why do they use the dollar sign for pesos?) It can be found and ordered in all good bookshops in Mexico, for example at

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