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10/28/2020 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle Berlin-Schöneberg
11/3/2020 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle Berlin-Kreuzberg
11/12/2020 Wallflower (deutsch) Berlin-Pankow
11/16/2020 The Mystery of AInsley Castle (German) Rostock
11/17/2020 Everlasting (bilingual) Rostock
11/19/2020 Everlasting (bilingual) Dorf Mecklenburg
11/20/2020 Everlasting (bilingual) Dorf Mecklenburg
11/23/2020 Everlasting (bilingual) Berlin-Lichtenberg
12/2/2020 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle Berlin-Kreuzberg
12/4/2020 The Mystery of AInsley Castle Berlin-Moabit

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Radio Play: Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread January 3, 2020

Listen to the radio play adaptation of my novel (German-language). In the starring roles: Theresa Zertani (Stella), Leslie Malton (Stella's mother, Isabel) and Yours Truly (Stella's grandmother, Josephine).

Coming Soon! August 4, 2019

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, two new editions of my novella Wallflower will be hitting the bookstores this month. Enjoy!


Tip: I'm happy to read in your school or library in German, 8th grade and up. A special treat: I read bilingually for 10th graders and up. Try it!


Stella Menzel – A Radio Play July 29, 2019

We're making my novel “Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread” (Rowohlt, 2013) into a radio play for Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and NDR Kultur (co-production). Today was our first day in the studio. Lovely Theresa (left) is Stella; amazing Leslie Malton (right) is her mother, Isabel Zwickel-Menzel (don't you love that name?); and Yours Truly (middle) was cast as Oma Josephine Zwickel. (Me? A grandmother? Yikes!) The photo is a little fuzzy. And do you know why? Director Leonhard Koppelmann's hands were shaky because he just couldn't wait to get a bite of the cake, a surprise from the folks over at the kids program Ohrenbär (rbbKultur). Many thanks to the baker Birgit Patzelt and producer Sonja Kessen. The play will be broadcast Christmas Eve Day on RBB and on the Second Day of Christmas on NDR. After that you can listen to it on the ARD-Mediathek.

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