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2/28/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Lichtenberg
3/12/2019 Workshop Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/13/2019 Infinitissimo Freiburg
3/29/2019 Prince William, Maximilian Minsky & Me (deutsch) Berlin-Halensee
4/12/2019 Infinitissimo Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
5/7/2019 Blätterrauschen (deutsch) Berlin-Lichtenrade
6/13/2019 Whispering Leaves (deutsch) Berlin-Zehlendorf
9/9/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Berlin-Schöneberg
9/27/2019 Stella Menzel und der goldene Faden Berlin-Halensee
9/30/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) English Theater Berlin
10/16/2019 Wallflower (bilingual) Marburg
10/19/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Frankfurt
11/7/2019 Wallflower (deutsch) Hürth

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Fantastyczny! Fantàstico! February 6, 2013

How exciting! My novel Infinitissimo (Everlasting) — The Man Who Fell Through Time is being translated into Spanish (Editorial Planeta Mexicana, Mexico City) and into Polish too (Egmont Poland, Warsaw).  Fantastyczny! Fantàstico! Or, as we say in English: way to go!

Everlasting Shortlisted on LovelyBooks November 22, 2012

Everlasting — The Man Who Fell Through Time (English-language working title) was shortlisted in the category fantasy/science fiction for the LovelyBooks reader's choice award. Thanks to all!


Now through November 26, Germany's readers will be voting for their favorite books from 2012. Everyone can vote, every vote counts, your's too! Only three from 35 books shortlisted in each category can win. It would be great if Everlasting received this honor. Here's the link to vote in the category fantasy/science fiction. And spread the word!

Book Tour Fall 2012 / Spring 2013 May 21, 2012

Book now! If you’re interested in booking a reading, lecture, workshop or book signing, feel free to contact me here. Please note that Wallflower and Infinitissimo — The Man Who Fell Through Time (German title: Everlasting) are enjoyed by both adult and teen audiences. Prince William, Maximilian Minsky and Me is great for the whole family (weekend matinées and early evening events), as well as for young people, 11 and up, in a school environment.

I read in English from all my books for adults, as well as for native speakers (international schools) and for English AP classes (Leistungskurse) in German schools. I can also read bilingually (book text in German, presention in English) in German schools, 8th grade and higher.

I truly enjoy performing scenes from my books and hope my events inspire the audience to ask questions, dream big dreams, and read, read, read.

Praise for Everlasting — The First Reviews May 4, 2012
The first reviews for Everlasting — Der Mann, der aus der Zeit fiel (German-language title) are rolling in. Here's a summary.
Happy Birthday, Prince William April 1, 2012
Hard to believe: the first German edition of "Prince William, Maximilian and Me" was published exactly ten year's ago. A new edition in a fresh, bold look has just been published to celebrate the birthday. Many thanks to the Rowohlt imprint Rotfuchs and its chief editor Christiane Steen for the birthday gift! I'm so pleased that this teen read about disarming, strong-willed nerd Nelly Sue Edelmeister and her plan to meet the 15-year-old royal heartthrob, William Windsor, has become a favorite among adolescents and adults the world over. More about the book here.
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