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3/2/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Mitte
4/8/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Malchow
4/8/2022 Infinitissimo (deutsch) Malchow
4/8/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Malchow
5/12/2022 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle (German) Gütersloh
5/12/2022 The Mystery of Ainsley Castle (German) Bielefeld
6/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Berlin-Friedenau
6/29/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Beckum
7/1/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Nideggen
7/1/2022 Future Fairy Tales (deutsch) Nideggen
9/9/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Kreuzberg
10/17/2022 Infinitissimo Berlin-Lichtenberg
11/3/2022 Future Fairy Tales Online Lesung 3.-23.11. abrufbar
11/9/2022 Whispering Leaves Berlin-Marzahn
11/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales Ludwigslust
11/15/2022 Future Fairy Tales Ludwigslust
11/16/2022 Future Fairy Tales Rostock
11/18/2022 Future Fairy Tales Rostock
11/26/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Steglitz
11/30/2022 Wallflower (German) Berlin-Mitte
12/18/2022 Future Fairy Tales Berlin-Charlottenbeurg
3/6/2023 Diverse Zürich Kanton

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Tomorrow in All Good German Bookstores! March 9, 2020

A new book is always thrilling. I can't wait to hear what you think. Please let me know. You can contact  me here. 





Radio Play in the Mediathek! March 1, 2020


 My German-language radio play, Prince Charles, Melvin Minsky and Me, from 1995, inspiration for my later novel Prince William, Maximilian Minsky and Me (2002/2005) is online and can be easily downloaded. I perform the role of the Narrator. It's fun! Here's the link: Deutschlandfunkkultur

Save This Date! February 15, 2020

Rebroadcast of my 90-minute radio play from 1995 Prince Charles, Melvin Minsky & Me, on Sunday, February 23, 2020, 6:30 p.m., in German. Listen to the radio play and get more infomation here:

A Prize! February 3, 2020

Yoohoo! A prize for the radio play adaptation of my novel Stella Menzel and the Golden Thread: stories of Old Russia, Berlin in the 1920s, the Jewish family’s escape to America in 1939 and then, lastly, their return to Berlin.


More about the prize:


Listen to the radio play here:

In Bookstores on March 10 – The Mystery of Ainsley Castle (German-language) January 27, 2020

Lizzy is not at all amused. She and her father have just moved far north to her future stepmother’s hotel. It's on a dark and rainy island with little to recommend except a sleepy town and the ruins of an ancient castle. But Lizzy is even less amused by her soon-to-be stepmother. Why is she always finding fault with her? One day, mysterious emails land in Lizzy’s account. Someone knows exactly who she is, what she’s doing  – and even what she’s thinking! Who could it be? Then a young girl called Betty – Lizzy’s exact double! – appears on the scene. There’s no doubt in Lizzy’s mind that something really weird is going on. Lizzy, Betty, and their friend Mack make it their job to unravel the mystery of Ainsley Castle. 


Extract (German-language):



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